I am old enough that I should have experienced many things in my life.  I guess I have not had a very exciting time of it though.  Most of the things that I have experienced have been on the not so pleasant side.  For me, all of the strife, the everyday bs, and the bad times, the put downs, and the other things that happened, were just normal everyday things.  I never realized that there was an upside to all of this that I had been missing out on all of my life.  That, as always, there will be some bad days.  But that good days far outnumber the bad.  

I also found out that sex is not just a quick "I got what I wanted and now I am done" thing.  I have found someone that shows me love and has also shown me that sex is not a bad thing at all.  That there are many different aspects of sex, that it is mutually beneficial and satisfying for both, and fun that can be had.  I am trying to learn to open up and be more vocal about sex and what I find interesting.  It is difficult to talk too much about that because I really have not experienced much.  I do know that I enjoy sex, talking, and all that we do.  I love being with him and having the ability to help in many ways.  Sex, work, and play.  

I have found that life, sex, and love work together, as do we, to create something special and wonderful.  I have never been happier in my life.  I only wish that we could have been together a long time ago.  Life is great.

It is thanks to him that my life had made a turn for the better and that I can feel free to be me and live life to the fullest.  For all of this, I love him with my whole heart.  I am so very luck to have found him.

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