I had just left my father's office after bringing him lunch while I was downtown shopping. It was one of those tall skyscrapers and his firm's office was on the 48th floor. When I got on the elevator there were only three others besides myself, just some business men. I had my purse on my shoulder and my shopping bags in my right hand. I was heading home for the day. As the elevator descended, it stopped every few floors and more people entered.

On the thirty-fourth floor a group of people crushed in and our elevator was completely full. I wasn't quite squished, but the rearranging movements made me slip back a step into the corner. I bumped into the man behind me just briefly and pulled forward as quickly as I could. But, now there were just inches between us. When the elevator doors closed and it started to move I swayed backwards a little. I felt a hand from behind me touch my right hip gently steadying me. I didn't move away, and he didn't pull his hand back.

We stopped again two floors down and a woman got on. Everyone in front of me moved just a bit, but now I was squished and had nowhere to go. I was downright up against this man and his hand continued to steady me. The elevator doors closed and we continued our descent. I felt awkward and knew I was pressed into this stranger behind me and tried my best to just pull any part of me forward.

Seconds passed and I felt him begin to get hard against my lower back. Caught off guard, I didn't move. I just pretended not to notice. Then he actually pressed into me just a tad. I was shocked. I still pretended not to notice. But, now was beginning to get turned on by his arousal. I smiled to myself and I just leaned back the slightest bit pressing my bottom into him. No one would know it had been deliberate, not even the stranger behind me. We were crushed in an elevator like sardines in a can. Then there was deliberate touching.

I was wearing a knee length skirt that was lightweight crinkled cotton and it flared out loosely. I felt this stranger's left hand slide up the back of my left leg ever so lightly moving my skirt up too. I froze. It was so subtle. Of course I couldn't pretend I didn't notice this. Still I just stood there. I felt his finger begin to walk the fabric up inch by inch until his hand was touching my bare thigh. I nervously looked to the right, but no one noticed anything. We were insulated in the corner. My shopping bags and purse were pushed up against us on the right and the corner walls blocked his hands from the side and back. I was totally aroused at the idea of something so secretive happening in such a crowd of people.

I felt his hand slide up and across my thigh until it came to rest across the middle of my bottom. I was wearing a thong so his hand was practically flat on my bare skin. We were nearing the lobby and I felt him tug sharply up on the back of my panties. I gasped in surprise and his right hand pressed firmly into my hip to hold me in place. No one was looking at me. He pulled harder on the back of my thong and I could feel it pull deeply into my nether lips. I was completely enthralled and my left hand reached back and pressed against the side of his thigh. This complete stranger whose face I couldn't even picture was fondling my ass and making me wet. I didn't know what I would do when the door opened. I could feel his erection prominently pressed against me, my skirt was exposing most of my bottom and he had his hand hooked in my panties.

The elevator came to a halt, the doors open and people began to file out as a crowd waited to enter. I was panicking. He firmly slid his right arm up from my hip and around the side of my waist, let go of my panties, and let my skirt fall in one quick motion. I was so relieved. However, as I stepped forward he stepped right behind me as though we were a couple exiting together. I still hadn't even seen his face and yet I allowed him to walk me out the doors and to the left. He casually directed us across the lobby and I could see we were nearing the restrooms. There was the men's room to the left and the ladies room to the right and in between was the family restroom. With no pause, he steered me straight to the middle door. I reached for the handle and it was unlocked. Thank God, I thought as I turned the handle and I opened the door.

It was a large private restroom with no stalls, just a toilet and large counter with a sink. He closed the door behind us and I heard the lock turn. I still hadn't turned around but could just glimpse our profile in the mirror. He quickly turned me to face him and pulled my bags out of my hand letting them drop to the floor. I finally looked up at this stranger's face and was pleased to find he was attractive man and in his late twenties. Brown hair and cool blue eyes stared back at me. As I looked him up and down I noticed he was wearing a well cut dark grey suit. He unbuttoned his jacket, slid out of it and neatly laid it on the counter.

His hands were at my waist. He pulled the bottom of my shirt and deftly lifted it up and off. He tossed it on top of his jacket. My bra was just light pink lace and my nipples were thrusting out. He reached his arms around me and unhooked it. As it fell down my arms, he pulled it off and tossed it onto the pile. His eyes focused on my breasts and my nipples puckered at full attention. He pushed me back a few steps until I was against the wall. My face was frozen in disbelief that I hadn't stopped any of this and was going to let him do as he wished. I could see his erection push against his trousers and knew I was going to have sex with this erotic stranger. He slowly leaned into to me and skimmed his hands up the front of my body and cupped my breasts. His mouth covered one nipple as his hand rubbed and pinched the other between two fingers. My head fell back in pure pleasure. He had hit my favorite button, my nipples. As he sucked, his tongue circled the tip and his teeth bit down tugging back. It was warm and cool at the same time. I writhed in delight. God he knew what he was doing. He worked my nipples till they were so hard it ached. My eyes were closed and I was biting my lower lip while I gasped trying not to cry out too loud. Next his hands pressed my shoulders flat up to the wall. His face was just inches away and I could feel his breath on me. I looked right into his eyes and was expecting him to kiss me.

He swiftly dropped to his knees in front of me. Then lifted my right knee up and pushed my bent leg just over the counter so I could lean onto it and balance on my left leg. My skirt was flaring open and he gathered it up as he lifted it and then tucked it securely into my waistband. His face was directly in front of my spread legs with nothing but my tight thong between us. He looked straight up at me and smiled, opened his mouth and slid his tongue out just a bit. I could see silver ball piercing through the top and my body shuttered with the anticipation of what was to come. He pulled my thong loose and to the side with one hand and I felt his warm mouth press against me. His other hand slid between my legs and stroked my opening.

I was primed and there was no denying it. "Perfect", he said. It was the only words spoken between us thus far. I flushed all over. He pushed a finger deep inside me and at the same time his tongue slid between my lips. My legs went weak. Thank God my hand was supporting me on the counter and his other hand was pressed against my stomach holding me to the wall. I reached into his hair with my free hand and moaned aloud in delight. His finger caressed inside me moving in deep and then almost out while his tongue worked my clit. I was panting heavily and practically dripping down below. I could feel myself on the verge of orgasm. It was building quickly. Heat was searing towards my slit. Right then he tugged gently on my little bundle of nerves and I quivered and as wave of spasms tightened around his finger. I came with the hardest orgasm I have ever had. It just kept flowing for what seemed like minutes. He kept his finger inside me until I stopped shaking.

I slowly started to return to my senses and could stand on my own. My fingers still gripped his hair tightly and I released my grasp. My breathing was gradually returning to normal. He pulled his finger out of me smoothly and put it in his mouth. I looked down at him and he stared into my eyes as he sucked my cum off and pulled his finger out of his mouth with a grin. I could feel the air on the fluid between my legs and knew I was still quite wet. He leaned in another time and licked across my lips leisurely swallowing all that was there. Then he stood up leaned in and slanted his mouth across mine and kissed me. I parted my lips and could taste myself on his tongue as he pressed in firmly. He pulled back and smiled again. "Perfect", he repeated. His body was still pushed into me and I could feel how hard he was. I reached for his belt buckle and he stayed my hands. He pulled my leg off the counter so I was standing on my own. He untucked my skirt from my waist and let it fall. I started to speak, but his finger came up and touched my lips to silence me. He reached inside his jacket and pulled out a business card and simply laid it on the counter. He buttoned his jacket and smoothed it out. He took my hand in his and lifted it to his lips and gently kissed the top. He spoke one last time and simply said, "Have a great afternoon". With that he turned, stepped across to the door and left.

I followed behind him to lock the door and just collapsed there for a minute. My mind was racing with what had just happened. I went back to the sink and looked in the mirror, besides the flush of pink in my cheeks, I looked utterly normal. I bent down and splashed my face with cool water and reached for some towels. I patted my face dry and then dampened a few more towels, wiped myself clean, and readjusted my panties. My purse and bag were on the floor and as I turned to pick them up I saw the business card on the edge of the counter. I picked it up and looked it over. He was an architect that worked on the 49th floor. Just above my dad's floor. Then it hit me all over. I just let a complete stranger go down on me in my dad's building. I looked at my watch. Only thirty minutes had passed since I sat with my father eating lunch. What the hell did I just do I don't get fondled in elevators. I don't have sex with strangers. And never would I have sex in a public restroom. God, I never even said a word the entire time.

My mind was mortified at my behavior, yet my body still felt so good. And what do I do with this card Why did he leave me his card I was going to throw in in the trash. There was no way I would ever use it. I held it for another moment and threw it in my purse. I checked the mirror one last time.

Carefully I opened the door to leave praying that I wouldn't see him. I had no idea what to say or do if I did. I glanced around as people just walked by going about their business. No one even looked my way as I walked out and headed straight for the lobby doors and out on the sidewalk. The fresh air hit me and I took a deep breath.

I walked down the block a bit and sat down on a bench. My car was in the parking garage but I wasn't ready to drive yet. My mind was still reeling. I glanced at my purse and quickly turned away. Then I turned back and reached inside to pull out his card. I just stared at it again. Suddenly I grabbed my cell, put in his number and sent a text. "Thank you for your lovely service. I definitely had a Great Afternoon." I put my phone and the card back in my purse and walked to my car.

As I drove home I heard the beep of my phone that I had just received a text. My whole body shuddered in delight.

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