My meeting had finished early and I now found myself wandering aimlessly down Oxford Street. Before I had time to decide what I would do next the heavens opened and I quickly ducked into the nearest shop to avoid the rain.

It was a gift shop aimed at tourists and somewhere that I would never normally contemplate visiting. I hoped that the rain would stop soon so I could make my exit as I made an unconvincing attempt to look interested in the goods. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw something that caused me to do a double take.

Had that girl really put the china mug into the large bag she was carrying? Intrigued I followed her, keeping just far enough away not to arouse any suspicion that she was being watched. She was young, probably no more than twenty, but well presented which suggested she wasn't stealing from need, besides who would want a tacky mug? Sure enough she did it again, never really checking to see if she was being observed.

I smiled, took my mobile phone from my pocket and positioned myself so that if she were to try again I would have it captured on film. I turned the camera on and sure enough not more than twenty seconds later she did it again. I stopped filming, replayed the footage and saw it was all there.

I continued to follow her discreetly around the store until she looked outside, saw it had stopped raining and left the shop. I followed her out and moved just behind her on the pavement. "That was naughty" I whispered, just loud enough so only she could hear. She spun round, her face inches from mine with that look that told you she expected me to be either the store detective, or worse still the police. She looked me up and down, saw the suit and tie and obviously presumed I was neither.

"What are you talking about" she snapped. "I saw you put the mug in your bag" I told her "and furthermore I have it on film young lady".

Her eyes dropped to the floor as she realized she was busted. "What do you have to say for yourself" I inquired, to which I received no reply. "I doubt if this is the first time you've done this and not being particularly good at it I'll assume you've been caught before". Nothing. "Therefore the police will have no trouble identifying you from the film". Again nothing, she just continued to look at the pavement.

"It's a good job I'm not your Father, I'd ensure you....." my voice petered out. "You'd what?" her voice and her look suddenly becoming interested in what I was saying. "I'd ensure you'd never did that again" I replied. "Oh and just how would you do that?" she retorted becoming a little braver.

"Some good old fashioned discipline, that's what your Father should have applied from an early age". She looked at me almost holding her breath and slowly replied "my Father takes no interest in me, he just fobs me off with money". A tear appeared in the corner of her eye as she continued "I do need someone to teach me how to behave".

"Right then young lady, I won't go to the Police on the understanding you agree to undertake correction, well do you agree?" She looked at me with big doe eyes and I could see the turmoil in her face, should she agree or take a chance I wouldn't go to the police. "I'll have no hesitation taking the film to the police so think hard" putting any doubts out of her mind as to my intentions.

"I agree" she whispered, all traces of cockiness now knocked out of her, "Right then what's your name?" "Heidi" she replied. "There's no time like the present Heidi; we'll go back to my flat and make a start". With that I took her hand and we walked the short distance to the tube station. I bought her a ticket and in very little time we arrived at my flat in St Johns Wood.

As we rode the lift to 5th floor I looked at her standing there shuffling her feet and staring down so as to avoid my look. The lift doors opened and she followed me down the corridor to my front door.

Once inside I told her to take the mugs that she stole earlier and put them on the sideboard. "These will be a constant reminder to you of why you are here, understood?" and with a small nod of her head she confirmed what I had said.

"Now young lady just remember this. I am the Head of this Household and my word is law, you will obey my instructions without hesitation". "I understand" was all she said as she continued to stare at the floor.

"You will now remove every stitch of your clothing and present yourself to me for punishment" A look of horror spread across her face as she stuttered "all my clothes?" "Every stitch and be quick about it" I replied as I turned to the cupboard to find the implement that Heidi would be subjected to in due course.

I moved away and sat on the large armchair that lived at the far end of the room and beckoned her to me. Now naked she walked slowly towards me her small firm breasts bouncing slightly as she did s. It was clear she was embarrassed as she tried in vain to cover herself from my gaze.

"I want you to lay over my lap, toes touching the floor at one end and palms flat to the floor at the other" I waited for her to comply. "At once" I barked and as if shaken from a dream she complied.

Once she was in position I ran my hand over her naked buttocks and then brought it down onto her pink bum with a resounding thwack. With each spank Heidi wriggled more and more until warned that the punishment would double if she didn't remain totally still. As soon as she did the spanking continued.

Each smack added to the glow that was already beginning to appear on her ass cheeks and they deepened in color until having a cherry red blush. After twenty five to each it was time to move on to the next stage of Heidi's correction.

"Stand up" I commanded and as she did I also rose to collect the belt that I had retrieved from the cupboard earlier. As soon as she saw what I had in my hand her eyes widened and she began to blurt "No not that, please". "As I said Heidi, you will obey my instructions without question and accept any punishment I decide upon in the same way, now move to the desk stand two feet away and place the palms of your hands on it". To achieve this order Heidi had to bend her torso and once her palms were flush to the desk her bum protruded nicely. "Stay perfectly still now" I ordered, folding the belt double to give it a firmness necessary for the use I had for it.

The intensity of the first blow took her completely by surprise and she stood upright and clenched the cheeks of her bum hard with her hands. "Resume the position and if you move once more you will wish you hadn't" I barked. The tone of my voice let her know in no uncertain terms that I meant business and she quickly recovered her position on the desk.

I have always favored the belt for an initiation and it did not disappoint on this occasion. Each blow left a bright red weal to her already glowing posterior and by the time I had administered the twenty strokes I had decided were required her bum was cris crossed with angry red marks. As the last few made their mark I could hear the soft sobs of Heidi crying.

"Stand up and face me". As she did so I could see the tears slowly falling down her face, her make up now a mess. "Come here" I ordered.

She stood a few inches from me, naked, crying and shivering, not from cold but from a strange feeling not experienced by her before.

I brought her to me in a hug and she bowed her head till it rested on my shoulder. I gently stroked her hair and whispered "there that's better" and with a sob she quietly replied "thank you Daddy".

"Now go and stand in the corner and reflect on this afternoon" again whispering into her ear. Slowly she raised her head and walked to the corner and faced the wall. I sat in the chair and silently watched as she stood for her penance, that same shiver coming over her now and then as she thought about wat had just taken place.

After half an hour I summoned her to me and she once again stood in front of me naked, no longer trying to cover herself, with her head bowed. "We will continue with your training tomorrow, is that understood, now dress and be off with you and return at four tomorrow afternoon". It was an order and not a request and she knew it.

"Yes Sir".

I decided to work from home the following day even though my instincts told me that there was only a small chance that Heidi would return. Nevertheless I prepared everything that I wanted just in case I was proved wrong.

The day went quickly as I cleared the outstanding correspondence I had and by a quarter to four that afternoon I was sat in my armchair ready for a ring on my doorbell. Four o'clock came and went as did half past and I was just putting my coat on to leave when the doorbell rang.

I answered the door and there in front of me was Heidi, nearly an hour late and obviously in a state of disarray. I'm so sorry Sir she blurted almost in tears, I missed my train and had to wait half an hour and then the tubes were delayed. I frowned at her but opened the door wider to let her pass. I'm not in the habit of being kept waiting young lady, you're lucky; as you can see I was just on my way out the tone of my voice letting her know in no uncertain terms that I was displeased.

Please Sir forgive me, it wont happen again her voice now pleading with me as she sensed that I may send her away. I'm not sure answering her in an almost quizzical way. Please, please Sir, Ill do anything you want, please.

There was an air of desperation in her voice now and I could tell that she meant every word she said.

Very well. I sighed the reply in a disinterested way, take all your clothes off and stand in the corner facing the wall. Heidi almost fell in her haste as she struggled to remove the tight jeans she was wearing but quickly stood naked facing the wall. you'll stay there until I decide what punishment I shall administer for your late arrival and you better not move before I do.

I removed my coat and sat in my chair facing Heidi, admiring the subtle curves of her bum. There were no lasting marks from yesterdays visit and I contemplated what I would o with her given she had said she would do anything I wanted. I smiled as wicked thoughts filled my head and I couldn't help thinking that this would be an evening neither of us would forget.

I kept her in the corner for nearly an hour. I had all the time in the world and I wanted her to know that she would be punished in any way I chose for poor behavior. As the hour mark approached I could see her begin to tire and she was clearly finding it difficult to stand still in one position.

Are you uncomfortable Heidi? I inquired. Yes Sir came the response. Do you understand now that when I say be here at a certain time I mean it?

Sir I am so sorry, I will never be late again I promise her voice faltering as she began to move from one leg to the other in the hope that the feeling would return to her feet. Come over here Heidi I commanded. Kneel there pointing to the space in front of me. she complied, undoubtedly grateful to relieve the pressure on her feet. you will learn a very difficult lesson tonight Heidi, one that will you will never forget my voice firm and each word succinct.

The room was now in half darkness as the sun began to set. It was time to begin the serious punishment. Stand up! Go to the middle of the room and wait for me with your hands clasped behind your head.

Jumping up she moved swiftly to the center of the room and stood bolt upright her hands correctly positioned. As she did so I walked over to the table and chose my favorite implement to administer tonight's punishment.

I stood in front of her softly hitting the palm of my left hand with the riding crop I had just picked up. Her eyes widened as she saw what was making the tapping noise but she then continued to look straight ahead trying to avert both my eyes and the crop that she knew awaited her.

Kneel I barked. The young woman kneeled humbly, now on all fours hoping that this position pleased me. Raise your buttocks for punishment Looking terrified he raised her bum. Higher. She bent forward more and raised her pert bum higher.

The first strike with the crop took her completely by surprise and her hands leaped up to rub the red weal that had immediately sprung up on her behind. Resume the position and do not dare move again until you are told to do so my voice now hard. Returning to the position I could see that the crop had left an angry weal across her ass, the first of many I thought.

With each stroke from the crop I could hear Heidi take a sharp intake of breath. After ten I walked round and looked down to her face, her eyes tightly closed and biting her lip I could sense she was battling hard not to cry. It hurts doesn't it little one. It wasn't an inquiry more a statement of fact. Yes Sir, it hurts so much her voice quivering with the battle against her tears.

I walked back round admiring the fresh weals that rose from her silky pink behind. Soon it would be difficult to find any pink flesh, but this was necesary to bring Heidi to heel. I continued the thrashing, each stroke being administered in the most precise way.

After thirty it was impossible to see where the crop hadn't left its mark and I ordered her to stand. Slowly lifting herself up I took her by the hand and led her to the other side of the room where the large mirror hung. Take a good long look young lady and ponder that its only the beginning of tonight's punishment The look on her face was a picture, she had clearly assumed that she had received all of her punishment and the realization that there was more to come brought a small protest. More Sir, but look at me.

My smile reflected in the mirror told her all she needed to know.

Taking her hand once again I led her back to the middle of the room and instructed her to once again clasp her hands behind her head.

I returned the crop to the table and selected the paddle for the next phase of her punishment. Shaped like a table tennis bat it inflicted little pain in itsown right, but following a cropping could cover a large area with a stinging bite using a minimum effort on my part.

The first strike with the paddle raised no response from Heidi and it was clear that she was battling to show me that she could endure this without emotion. The next six were taken with the same almost nonchalant air but the eighth proved too much and soon she was in floods of tears.

I completed the twenty that I had already decided upon and then returned the paddle to the table.

I now stood face to face with her. Placing my hands either side of her face I used my thumbs to wipe the tears away that were streaming down. When I say be somewhere at a certain time you will be there, is that understood? she nodded, unable to speak fearing that she would cry uncontrollably.

Now follow me I instructed and with that I walked towards the bedroom. As she walked through the door I could sense she wasn't sure what was about to happen. Lie face down on the bed and don't move. Doing as she was told, I took the cream from the bedside table and applied a liberal amount to both hands.

Gently smoothing the cream over her glowing buttocks I could sense her relief as she realised that the punishment was complete. I continued to stroke her bum applying the cream all over her cheeks and as I did so she began to moan softly and very deftly started to open her legs until her pussy was exposed to my gaze.

Running my finger down the cleft of her buttocks I let it linger just above her pussy and as I did so she opened her legs further. My finger moved the final inch or so and as it touched the lips of her pussy it was as if she had been given an electric shock.

I ran the finger up and down her slit and as I did so her moaning got louder and her hips began to push back onto the finger trying to get it to penetrate her. With a flick of my wrist the finger slid in prompting an almost guttural moan from Heidi her face buried deep into the bed clothes. My finger moved inside her, teasin and tormenting the now soaking wet pussy. Another finger was soon followed by another until the three working together soon brought screams of delight and the eventual inevitable orgasm.

The noises that emanated from Heidi's mouth were animal as the orgasm ripped through her. Fingers continued to work in her until completely spent she collapsed face down into the bed.

I slowly removed my fingers, turned her over and brought her close to me her head nestled into my chest. Looking up to me she whispered thank you Sir and lowered her head back onto me.

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