I was traveling to see a friend and I had caught a train to get there quicker. A woman across the aisle had been looking at me and giving me a smile from time to time. She was about 50 I would say and had a great figure and wonderful tits.  They looked big and firm and really stood out because of her slender frame. She had long dark brown hair and what looked like deep brown eyes with nice long lashes. I would guess her to be about 5' 8" tall and looked great.

I got up to go to the toilet and I shut the door behind me. When I opened the door this beautiful woman was just standing there. I was just going to move out of her way so she could enter but she pushed me back into the toilet and shut the door behind her.

Without saying a word she dropped to her knees and undid the zipper on my jeans and pulled out my semi-hard cock.  She rubbed and stroked my shaft and it got harder with each stroke.  Then she took it into her mouth. Now I do not like to boast but I have a 10" long and 5" thick cock and it was not long before it was fully hard and pushing right down this ladies throat. I could feel the head of my cock rubbing the back of her throat every time she pushed forward with her head. I placed my hand on the back of her head and pushed her head forward and it was not long before she had the whole 10" in her mouth and my balls were slapping her chin each time. This woman just could not get enough of my cock and I was breathing hard as she gave me one fantastic blow job.

She finally stopped and stood up. She was only wearing a short skirt she pulled it up to her waist and sat back against the wall and opened her legs. Her shaved pussy took my breath away and I just dropped to my knees and found that she was wearing crotchless undies. So I just dived right in. My tongue just flicked out and entered this wet pussy.

I was now shoving my tongue into her pussy as far as I could get it and her juice just flowed out of her. She tasted so sweet. I brought one hand up and shoved two fingers into her eager waiting love tunnel and they just slid into her easily with her love juice covered pussy.

She had her hands on the back of my head pushing my face hard against her so I could get my tongue hard onto her clit and I sucked it into my mouth and flicked the tip of it with my tongue and as she climaxed, her whole body shaking, she put her legs around over my shoulders and made sure I could not get away. As she came her cum juice was squirting into my mouth wave after wave she shuddered with the climax that ripped though her body.

Once she had finished she relaxed her legs and I pulled back and stood up. She smiled still not saying a word and she placed her long wonderful legs around my waist and pulled me to her. My rock hard cock slid into her and she took me fully inside her.I began to fuck her hard and fast thrusting into her so she was forced back against the wall and as I did so she flung her arms around my neck and pulled herself up towards me and we kissed. Her juice was flowing fast and I could feel it running down my balls and the inside of my legs.

I was not going to last much longer and this beautiful woman was climaxing again and again, we were still kissing with our tongues entwined in our mouths as I gave one last hard thrust and I made sure that I was inside this wonderful warm pussy as far as I could be and just let my cock burst as my cum shot out and filled this womans cunt with my hot sticky cum juice.

We just stood there panting as we got our breath back she dropped her legs as my now soft cock slipped from her dripping wet pussy and she lowered her skirt and kissed me again and just left. I locked the door behind her and tidied myself up and went back to my seat. When I sat down in the seat, the spot where this woman had been sitting was empty.  She must have moved to a different car.

I never saw her again and we never spoke one word but it was one hell of a great fuck and I often whack myself off while thinking about it.


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